IAA will be featured on Channel 16!
Nancy Radley’s kindergarten class, Aurie Thibault’s first grade, Mary Neudecker’s second grade, Tyler Sessions PE class, and Maggie Plante’s third grade classes from last year can be seen with Flynn Teaching artists, Joan Robinson, Susanna Olson, and Lida Winfield.  These teachers and students participated in the Words Come Alive! progam last year (with funding in part by the National Endowment for the arts.)  This program is one of the Flynn’s signature professional development opportunities and our staff is quite fortunate to work with these amazing artists.

This video is also featured on the RETN  homepage and can be viewed at this url:


Monday 9/19 – 8:00 PM

Tuesday 9/20 – 2:00 PM

Saturday 9/24 – 10:00 AM  &  5:00 PM

Sunday 10/09 – 8:00 PM

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