Great Artful Interactive Web Sites for Children


If your children enjoy computer time, here are a few instructional and artful web sites that support the visual arts and creativity for children;  just click the orange link and you are there!

Mr.PicassoHead – online design and drawing, includes gallery

National Gallery of Art:  NGA Kids ArtZone – interactive art activities

Haring Kids – from Keith Haring- fun online activities for kids and great lesson plan database for teachers

MOMA Kids Wing – fun activities from theMuseum ofWeb Art

Destination: Modern Art – from the Museum ofModern Art

ArtEdventures – for primary and intermediate grades

SmART Kids – from the Smart Museum of Art,University ofChicago; for students ages 7-12 to discover ways to look at, think about, and respond creatively to art  

The Artist’s Tool Kit (Minneapolis Institute of Art) – visual elements and principles

About arts coach

I am the arts integration coach for the Integrated Arts Academy, Vermont's one and only magnet school dedicated to the arts. I work closely with classroom teachers, local artists, art organizations, and other community members to provide a network of opportunities in the arts for our students.

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