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Our Very Own Proscenium Theater


What kind of theater? Proscenium. Yes, you heard it right! In Burlington we have our very own, very local, much loved, proscenium theater: The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. This week our first grade, second grade, and STEP classes have been visiting the Flynn for a “backstage” tour and workshop. It’s an educational and amazing experience that usually happens early in the school year to support student learning. This trip acquaints the students with the theater before they attend a performance. It is somewhat like a performance sandwich. First our students head to the theater for a very intimate tour of the theater when it is closed, followed by attending a live performance, and then ending with a follow-up companion workshop in their classroom that extends the performance they have seen. This layered theater experience creates a fuller experience for our students and helps educate them about the basic elements of theater, paid for by a grant to the Flynn Center from the Turrell Fund.
In modern theaters, the audience is usually separated from the performers by the proscenium arch. In proscenium theaters, the proscenium arch is a permanent feature of the structure and frames the stage. The audience looks directly at the stage in an area known as the auditorium or the house. The Flynn is a proscenium theater because of the way the seating is designed in the auditorium. The IAA stage is also a proscenium stage . The students at IAA learned all about this on their backstage tours this week. They also learned the history behind the terms upstage, downstage, backstage, offstage, dressing rooms and green room. Ask one of our younger students to tell you about their new knowledge.

Sum Fall


The second prompt for the magical mailbox was “If you could imagine a Season what would it be?”
Lots of students from kindergarten through grade 5 submitted fantastic and creative responses.
We had many drawings, lots of writing, and one song submission. If you click on the links you can hear 5 year old Isaac singing his song “Sum Fall.” You can also hear how music teacher Mr. Myregaard took the lyrics and tune and created a “country, western” version of Isaac’s piece.
Perhaps Isaac will grow up to be a song writer some day?! Click on the arrows below to hear Isaac’s song.

Isaac D. (kindergarten)
Sum Fall
This is a season that I made up.
It happens just like this:
Some leaves of the trees stay on.
Some leaves on the trees fall off.
The leaves that stay on stay green.
The leaves that fall off change colors.
And the pine trees lose their needles.
And that’s how my season
I made up goes.

I am also posting 3 other pieces that were written submissions in response to the prompt:

Tovin H-G. (3rd grader)
If I could invent a new season it would be kind of like summer and kind of like winter. In my new season on good sledding hills it would snow. On good beaches it would be hot and sunny. And at other places it would be nice and warm. I think I would call it “Sunter.”

Sam H. (3rd grader)
If I could make a season. I would make food seasons. Food would fall from the sky. On cold days it would rain orange juice. On hot days it would fall ice cream.

Zoe C. (4th grader)
The Season of Mis Lacate!
There’s swirling and whirling!
What’s happening?
Oh My! A duplicate of myself!
It is pulling up a chair
It is climbing very high!
The season has changed from Fall
To Mis Lacate
Where duplicates of yourself appear
and make mischief!

The Launch of the Magic Mailbox!


This past week we launched the Magical Mailbox and featured two creative students who submitted entries in response to the prompt: “If I were the king or queen of IAA, what would I serve for lunch?
Kindergartener Anika R. submitted a 3-dimensional piece of visual art – a bright green and purple cucumber salad. And fourth grader Katie D. submitted a song she wrote and recorded with the help of IAA music teacher Bill Myregaard.

Both students were interviewed at Friday’s Town Meeting and Katie was able to sing her song for the entire school. Listen here to the song that Katie wrote in response to the question: “If I were Queen of the IAA, what would I serve for lunch?”

I guess the answer is obvious!

Art Adventures


We are lucky at the Integrated Arts Academy.  Why?  Because we work with fantastic partners in Burlington who care about our students as well as the arts.  

This fall,  the Boys & Girls Club of Burlington,  the Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont, and the IAA teamed up to offer our students a fall art adventure class at the museum.  For eleven weeks our students are privileged to attend an art class  taught by  UVM art education students.    Using the vast resources at the museum and the museum as a classroom, IAA students have the chance to view and discuss a piece in the exhibit followed by a hands-on art lesson in the museum classroom.   This afterschool enrichment opportunity has been made available to the students of the IAA because of the partnership we have with the Fleming Museum.  Additionally, a big shout out and thanks to the Boys and Girls Club!  With their mini-van, we can easily shuttle these students to the museum and back.