Write and Print – 2nd Grade Works With Details


The 2nd graders have been working on personal narratives – stories from their lives. They have also been exploring details and how to add them in writing and visual art. Throughout this integrated art and literacy unit, students have explored a variety of printmaking techniques that culminated in a collagraph that illustrates their personal narrative. Both the writing and the artwork needed to show a beginning, middle, and end, with the bulk of the details in the middle section. Students also explored how color use can enhance and show emotion. Students also made connections between how an illustration can foster greater written detail and vice-versa. The students did the final print at the Burlington City Arts Printmaking Studio with artist George Gonzales.

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Vermont Standards -Visual Arts Skill Development
APK-K:10 Students show skill development when CREATING art by
• using line to create shape and image,
• handling art tools and materials (e.g. paint brushes)
• using elements of 2D design (e.g., create using color)
Vocabulary: artist, line, color, rhythm, repeated, texture, overlapping, abstract, painting
Common Core – Kindergarten- Counting and Cardinality
Know number names and the count sequence
• K.CC. 3 Write numbers from 0 to 20.

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