Magic Mailbox So Much Fun


Congratulations Isaac and Cooper!

Your responses to the Magical Mailbox prompt “If you could design a dream pet, what would it be?”
showed great imagination as well as literary promise! Terrific writing and art guys!

Magical Mailbox 030

magical mailbox 038

Vidos by Isaac D.

Isaac convinced his parents to go buy him a pet ouchy nogland. He went to the pet store with his parents. He picked out the fiercest and youngest ouchy nogland in The Fearsome Pet Store. The Fearsome Pet Store is where you get monsters for pets. If you had a dragon for a pet, you’d go there.

On ouchy nogland is just a black ball with four legs to hold up it’s four gruesome heads that can breathe hundreds of fireballs at a time. The middle head is in charge; it tells all the other heads what todo and what to shoot fireballs at. It can shoot its teeth out like missiles and then, in one second, another tooth grows back in. It can also shoot out fireballs like the rest.

On ouchy nogland has two arms like humans, but do not be fooled: the ouchy nogland is in other ways not a bit like a human. It has the eraser half of a pencil attached to it’s shoulder. The eraser can stretch hundreds of millions of billions of trillions of miles. It can erease anything – even air – and replace it with paper. It’s as if the world is drawn on a huge sheet of paper and when you erase part of it, you can draw something new.

The ouchy nogland can shoot lightning out of sticks on its waist. It has razor sharp teeth that can bite through anything. One bite sends a crack in every direction of what is bitten.

Isaac picked the ouchy nogland that he named “Vidos” because he liked 20 year-olds and Vidos was 20. Isaac liked powerful creatures. He asked the pte store owner what Vido’s personality was like.

The Pet store owner answered, “He is very brave and strong. All ouchy noglands are ill-tempered and like to destroy things. But their main hobby is trying to erase the world and drawing what the world to be like. But don’t worry. This is a tame ouch nogland that won’t erase anything but the thinkgs you tell him to erase. Here’s how you tell him to erease things. First, wave your hand and then point it at the thing you wat to be erased.”

Isaac took Vidos home and told his cats not to be scared of Vidos.

magical mailbox 041

magical mailbox 039

lohmlg by Cooper C.

This may look strange but it’s actually just a very easy code. The code is A = Z and so on, so if you deciphered it, it would be Oksnot. Which is what I have here. Oksnot is a very nice creature that lives on a planet called Opgat which is a galaxy Nemplon. It eats fredcis (that’s a plant), it’s immortal and loves rocks. I got my idea from a book called When Life Gives You O.J. I highly recommend it. In the book the girls grandpa makes her a dog out of a O.J. jug so she can show her parents that she is responsible enough to get a dog.

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