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Zuma Zuma and IAA students!

Zuma Zuma and IAA students!

The Integrated Arts Academy is so fortunate to be partnered with the Flynn Center for Performing Arts and what a fabulous match this is. Today the entire school, all 16 classes pre-k through grade 5, walked down to the Flynn to view the performance, Cirque Zuma Zuma.

The tradition of dance and acrobatics in Africa goes back over 2,500 years. The members of African Acrobats International Academy uphold this centuries’ old tradition through their training, artistry, and touring performances. Cirque Zuma Zuma was established in late 2005, as a touring arm of the company with a mission of teaching the world about African cultures. IAA students were spellbound, thrilled, and in awe throughout the performance. Students sat at the edge of their seat as they watched company members drum, dance, hula hoop, and perform assorted acrobatics. A highlight of the show was when our beloved second grade teacher, Nick Mack, was brought up to the stage to perform with two Zuma Zuma clowns. Hysterical, fantastic and absolutely captivating for all.

After the performance our friends from the education department at the Flynn arranged for IAA students to meet privately with a group of Zuma Zuma performers. This allowed our students to ask questions and engage in dialogue about the show directly with these talented performers. Curious students wondered about the number of hours the troop practices, to the number of languages the troop speaks, to how many hula hoops where spun at the same time. How lucky they were!

Each year our students are privileged to attend not one, but THREE live performances at the Flynn. This is possible through generous subsidies from the Flynn Center and a contribution from the IAA Parent Teacher Organization. It takes a village to grow a school full of knowledgeable and appreciative audiences. !!Zuma Zuma 028

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