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Alexander Calder Likes the Primary Colors Red, Yellow, and Blue


IAA Kindergartners have been very busy exploring the art of Alexander Calder. Visual Thinking Strategies, geometry and color have been the focus of their exploration. Working both in two-dimensions and three, students created paintings as well as stabiles. You should ask them to share their new knowledge with you. They have been remarkably curious and attentive and have so much to share about Alexander Calder’s work. Here are some examples from their classroom.

Alexander Calder 001

Alexander Calder 010

Alexander Calder 013

Alexander Calder 014

Alexander Calder 015

Alexander Calder 016

Kindergarten calder 008

Kindergarten calder 001

Kindergarten calder 030

calder 062

calder 065

calder 075

calder 099

Stomp out Racism 015

Stomp out Racism 017

calder 094

Stomp out Racism 018