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Jasper Johns – Kindergarten Works with Symbols


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The kindergarten classes at IAA have been exploring the work of American Artist Jasper Johns, whose mixed media paintings greatly influenced American art. Johns often worked with images you might see around the classroom, such as letters, numbers, and the American flag. His paintings encourage us to look again at these familiar symbols, as if with new eyes. As a way to reinforce numeracy and to practice number formation students created number paintings in the style of Jasper Johns. Each student chose one number to paint repeatedly and used the entire surface of the paper. In some instances the brush strokes and the paint color camouflages the numbers making it even more fun to look at and find the numbers. Can you spy the number in each painting?

Vermont Standards -Visual Arts Skill Development
APK-K:10 Students show skill development when CREATING art by
• using line to create shape and image,
• handling art tools and materials (e.g. paint brushes)
• using elements of 2D design (e.g., create using color)
Vocabulary: artist, line, color, rhythm, repeated, texture, overlapping, abstract, painting
Common Core – Kindergarten- Counting and Cardinality
Know number names and the count sequence
• K.CC. 3 Write numbers from 0 to 20.

“I like to create an image that when looked at becomes something else.”
-Jasper Johns

School Begins


Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year!  

How exciting to begin year three of the Integrated Arts Academy, Burlington and Vermont’s only magnet school dedicated to learning through the arts.   This year we are quite fortunate to have two artist residencies-  singer/songwriter, Jon Gailmor (generously funded by a beloved friend of IAA) and the Burlington drum and dance group, Jeh Kulu (with funding from the Vermont Arts Council.)  Each of these artist residencies will be here working with our entire school pre-K through grade 5.   Jeh Kulu will be here in November and Jon Gailmor will be here in May.

We also have an assortment of performances that our students will be attending at The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.   Students attending the IAA are fortunate to attend three matinees each year.  Some of this years highlights are: Henry & Mudge, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, Golden Dragon Acrobats, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, Imaginocean, and the Spirit of Uganda.  You will hear more details pertaining to these performances through your child’s classroom teacher.

Additionally, this year we have twelve classroom teachers participating in Words Come Alive!  the Flynn’s signature professional development program based on research substantiating the vital importance of the performing arts in learning.  For the past three years classroom teachers have worked in close collaboration with Flynn teaching artists to develop drama and movement techniques that address curricular goals while strengthening students’ expressive skills.  This professional development comes to us in part through funding by the National Endowment for the Arts.

These are just a few dramatic examples of how the arts are a vital part of the I.A.A.   On a more subtle and everyday level, classroom teachers  collaborate with the music, visual art, PE/movement teachers and the arts coach to integrate all of the arts into the classroom curriculum.

So, welcome to a brand new and exciting year at IAA.

Creativity on the Rise!

Welcome to the Integrated Arts Academy’s blog!
This blog is a way to share the creative learning that happens here at the Integrated Arts Academy.   You can look forward to exciting posts featuring lessons, artwork, photographs, video’s and integrated activities at IAA.  We will also be posting an assortment of ways to bring creativity home, with tips and ideas that are sure to inspire your young learner.