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Jasper Johns – Kindergarten Works with Symbols


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The kindergarten classes at IAA have been exploring the work of American Artist Jasper Johns, whose mixed media paintings greatly influenced American art. Johns often worked with images you might see around the classroom, such as letters, numbers, and the American flag. His paintings encourage us to look again at these familiar symbols, as if with new eyes. As a way to reinforce numeracy and to practice number formation students created number paintings in the style of Jasper Johns. Each student chose one number to paint repeatedly and used the entire surface of the paper. In some instances the brush strokes and the paint color camouflages the numbers making it even more fun to look at and find the numbers. Can you spy the number in each painting?

Vermont Standards -Visual Arts Skill Development
APK-K:10 Students show skill development when CREATING art by
• using line to create shape and image,
• handling art tools and materials (e.g. paint brushes)
• using elements of 2D design (e.g., create using color)
Vocabulary: artist, line, color, rhythm, repeated, texture, overlapping, abstract, painting
Common Core – Kindergarten- Counting and Cardinality
Know number names and the count sequence
• K.CC. 3 Write numbers from 0 to 20.

“I like to create an image that when looked at becomes something else.”
-Jasper Johns

Where the Wild Things Are


Where are the wild things? First grade, of course! Mrs. Patalano and Ms. Mack’s first grade classes have been reading Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. With the help of visual art teacher, Ms. Chaffee, students then created their own versions of “wild things” and used them as inspiration and motivation for their own writing. Check out these beautiful paintings by our very talented and “wild” first graders!