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Keith Haring POPS into Kindergarten


POP-artist Keith Haring has been a focus of study in both Mrs. Juenker and Ms. Maggie’s kindergarten classes. Through an artist in residency grant with the Vermont Arts Council and visual artist Jean Cherouny, kindergartners were excited to learn that Haring was a young artist who loved working with children. Haring was happy to be in New York City as a young artist because lots of things were happening in the art world. Keith Haring believed that art should belong to everyone and that it should be free to the public. This inspired Haring to begin creating his artwork places where everyone could see, like the subway and on sides of building. Soon, people began to take notice of his fun, cartoony style and he became one of the most famous artists of his time! After looking at some of Keith Haring’s paintings, our artists were particularly struck by the different poses that his characters made. Artists practiced recreating a few of his masterpieces with their own bodies. Kindergartners also changed their own body poses to reflect different emotions like angry, sad, tired, excited, afraid, in love, happy, etc.


First, students looked at the work of pop-artist Keith Haring, using Visual Thinking Strategies to fully articulate their ideas about his art.

keith haring 10

Next, with artist Jean Cherouny, students draw life size figures to further understand the subject of his artwork, and see the connection between their own bodies and his use of figure and gesture.

Jean Cherouny take 2 125

After this, students work on drawing their own figures.

Jean Cherouny take 2 143

Jean Cherouny take 2 142

Then add color and motion lines to expression and emotion.

Jean Cherouny take 22

Next, students prepare their canvas with bright colors that reflect the joyful style of Keith Haring.

jean cherouny take 2 152

And then add their figures, outlines, and motion lines.

jean cherouny take 2 185

After this, students work with teaching artist Kimberli Boyd to recreate Haring poses through dance and movement.

Kimberli Boyd 161

Finally, kindergarten artists become authors and write sentences that reflect the emotion and feeling that might be expressed by their Keith Haring like paintings. These sentences are displayed with the paintings as word bubbles.

magical mailbox 227

Content Standards: Common Core
English Language Arts Standards> Writing>Kindergarten

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.2 Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic.

Art Standards: Vermont Framework
Skill Development

A1-2:12 Students show understanding of visual arts CONCEPTS and VOCABULARY by…
• Identifying and using basic elements and principles of design (e.g., texture, pattern,
primary and secondary colors).
• Naming and using different media, genre, and techniques (e.g., collage, printmaking,
• Comparing a variety of purposes for making art (e.g., to tell a story, to beautify and
communicate their understanding a story and or non-fiction information).